Outdoor Lighting defines space, displays beauty, creates moods and conjures emotion. Lighting consists of contrasting waves of color blanketing the night with light enabling us to see. For most part we aren’t really aware of the quality of light surrounding us unless it is perceived as bad or inappropriate. For instance, if it is too dark and one cannot see or use the space as intended, the light is perceived as bad.

People’s reaction to darkness for most part is fearful in demeanor. Excessive amounts of lighting can provoke reactions of excitement such as watching lights beam into the backdrop and reflect into the sky at a rock concert. It is for all the intents and spaces from which we live in that makes lighting so important.

The concept of lighting aides in all aspects of life, places and products. It is taken very seriously by fixture manufacturers, lighting engineers and designers alike. This is why a lighting designer is more apt to pay attention to the color, density, distribution and control of the lighting in the surrounding spaces all around them. In the Outdoor lighting arena, concentration and focus can be compartmentalized into the residential, commercial, public spaces and hospitality sectors. All of which have varying lighting standards to match the intent of the spaces. Each has a varying degree of similarities yet entirely different. 

A lighting designer has a trained eye and can generate enough light in combination with the available primary light sources enabling us to see and comprehend everything around us in that given environment.

Broken down into simpler terms Lighting adds emotion in many beneficial ways. Our eyesight and vision in the dark provides us with the most information of all our five senses. Our interpretation of what we see is the most important to us. It is what we rely upon most as this process continually connects us with the world. The types of emotion embarked upon here in outdoor lighting around the home stem upon the emotion of feeling secure, safe, calm, excited, industrious and even proud as a homeowner. 

Professional outdoor lighting design controls light cast into certain areas around the perimeter of the house making it easy. They say light defines space but it also creates a sense of perception of what is indeed intended to be seen.

Commercial lighting has an entirely different set of rules and profound emotions. Excitement, feeling of welcoming, sense of inspiration and attraction. Hotel lighting contains its own standards and guidance of emotion. Parallel in task with the welcoming of the public, aesthetics and psychology of light and its inherit characteristics normally accepted by people around us. In today’s ever changing LED lighting arena it’s the fixture types, bulbs and control of them that makes the lighting everlasting and ever-changing.