Residential Lighting

The following projects are reflections of Outdoor Lighting Designs by Preferred Properties signature works. 

Residential Landscape Lighting is a multi-faceted art form combining the architecture of the home, the hardscape in the field and interesting plant materials throughout the yard. It is these three elements combined together with contrast and cohesion that makes for a far superior lighting scene.

When one thinks about cohesive lighting one must first think of similarities in the field of the scene, same types of light fixtures, and same types of light throws. But that’s not always optimal. A better approach is to blend some of the facets of cohesion into a mix of more contrasting light strategies to illuminate all the elements offered above.

It is here where the strategies of light show off exceptionally well in the dark.

A good majority of times this level of lighting design is completely missed because of the misunderstanding of light and its capabilities. Secondly it is missed because it requires a lot of digging, trenching and wiring to reach these focal trees and specimens in the field. Costs associated with this type of installation are not always easy justified to the homeowner unless they have a perceived value of the goals of illumination to the landscape.

Here is a look at a typical installation by placing light fixtures up against the house and along the walkway. Here the lighting result is marginal in professional terms. First off, the lights placed against the house is definitely a good idea which only leaves certain type path like fixtures for the sidewalks. All too often these fixtures are chosen mostly by how they look in a magazine. The fixtures offered many times come with shorter stem heights than necessary. The end result is the “run way” approach by fixture placement being way too close to one another and the shorter stem height of the fixtures prohibiting adequate light to spread across the walkway. A lot of times the priority weighs more the house and the walkway than the house inclusive of the landscape. Imagine what your point of view looks like when you are inside the house looking out to the front? All you see is the lit walkway when there is so much more to look at and enjoy.

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