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OUTDOOR LIGHTING surrounds us night and day in all 4 seasons.

As our day ends and lends itself into dusk and nightfall, our life and families don’t loose a beat. Our lives revolve around the household inside and outside.

Perfectly placed fixtures and light strategies coexist with us and the light thrown by them define us. As you can see Landscape Lighting has meanings, understood by Professional Landscape Lighting experts. Most of the Lighting strategies carry many of the staples of beauty, usefulness, safety, security, emotion and dependability. There are many more elements, such as uniqueness, desirability and focal direction. As we entertain and share conversations outdoors in brief moments of dusk or throughout the evening, the outdoor lighting plan should hold that arena being well lit and create a warm atmosphere.

 A walk around with Michael Gotowala, lead Landscape Lighting Designer of Outdoor Lighting Design by Preferred Properties, shows our landscape lighting installations, considers this comprehensive approach  and goes even beyond. The choice and offering of fixtures our team selects, define the space and support the function of the area. The fixtures, some staple and some specialized, come from many of the leading Landscape lighting and Outdoor Lighting manufacturers.



It is proven that a well lit home having low levels of light equally balanced throughout the property is a deterrent for entry. Successful outdoor lighting allows night time vision of movement to be recognizable. For those late night pet owners and teens on the go, it is a good secure feeling to be able to open the door and see all across the driveway into the lawn. Professional OutdoorLightingDesign when adds security and emotional value to your quality of life. Coupled with security cameras and automated control, outdoor lighting works on your behalf displaying a well composed and alert night time setting greatly deterring others from invasion, privacy intrusion, trespass, vandalism and even burglary.

Most people’s initial reaction to these daily breaking news events is it cant happen to me. In discussing a bit further about security, fencing, video and lighting falls to this. When asked what they have for lights its the typical I have these spotlights off the back of the house and an occasional motion detector that most times does not work reliably. Almost everyone has heard of an incidence down the street. That’s much too close by.

It is proven that a well lit home in which has low levels of light equally balanced is a deterrent for entry. Better yet allows night time vision of movement to be recognizable. For those pet lovers and kids on the go it is a good secure feeling. A well composed and alert night time setting greatly deters from invasion, privacy intrusion, trespass, vandalism and burglary.

“A sense of security at night is when one can see out into the yard quite easily anytime of night. It is good too if you have pets and animals that you may want to keep an eye on. The attributes on night lighting offer beauty, usefulness, safety, security and emotion. Safety and security are important when you don’t expect it. Preparation is key. Covering the outside deters intruders and watchers from your home. Live on a dark street? Night lighting could be the answer. A sound outdoor lighting design will work with anyone of the home security professionals you choose. Video and cameras work much better at night under a properly illuminated space.”

– Michael Gotowala

Here is a scenario you could follow for security lighting using the Outdoor Lighting, cameras, tree lighting and automation. Say for instance your outdoor lighting goes on from 20 minutes before sunset til 11:30 pm. You should have your motion detectors set on a timer to go on at 11:31 pm. This way here if anyone enters the drive the motion lights detect and illuminate. Sounds suspicious grab your remote and activate the night lighting surround in the trees. Night lighting helps in numerous ways. Intruders will select areas of darkness to stage and enter. If your landscape is nicely lit, it would be probable they may go somewhere else. After all some light is better than none.

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