Outdoor  Kitchens and Dining

Living Fabulously beyond the walls of your home outdoors begins with a fabulous design and ends with meticulous workmanship!

Outdoor Kitchens

Outdoor Kitchens reward the lifestyle of the owners. Perhaps it’s time to elevate your lifestyle outdoors celebrating life’s most memorable moments with friends and family. Outdoor bar and buffet islands are our specialty Let us help you personalize your outdoor living space with a fabulous Outdoor Kitchen.

Outdoor Kitchens are more complete than ever. For more great outdoor kitchen ideas start here at Outdoorkitchens.com The Outdoor Kitchen Design Store.

Bon Appetite! Take it OUTDOORS. Wait, where is the switch for the lights? There are lights out there? Right.

Today’s family lifestyles are becoming so desirable to being outdoors dining and entertaining with friends and family. A great way to celebrate life with one another mingling around the outdoor kitchen and dining space the same way one would connect with everyone around the indoor kitchen.

This type of Outdoor Lighting design strategy requires a lot of attention to detail and can be the most challenging so shed some light on the project and contact a Professional Outdoor Lighting designer. 

The Outdoor Kitchen is quickly becoming the hub for spending endless hours dining, entertaining, recreating and cooking outdoors. The Outdoor Kitchen is an elevated lifestyle and lighting is one of the major attributes to feeling fabulous being Outdoors. Seek professional advice as there are not always ideal locations to place fixtures. It is a whole lot easier when there is an overhead roof structure over the outdoor kitchen and dining space. Also, note the habits and travel paths of the cooks and prepping regime as improperly placed lighting can glare right into everyone’s eyes. Use container planters and the underneath of the counter to get light at least as close as possible to the energy of the Outdoor Kitchen. That’s a good start.


Open Air Oasis

Backyard Bbq at its best

Outdoor Dining

Outdoor Rooms have become a plethora of outdoor living luxury in today’s home environment and just like any other room in your home, it deserves great lighting. Ideally, the room is best suited with layers of lighting to match a multitude of uses. The Outdoor Living space requires quality lighting as well. Most of the areas surrounding the Outdoor Living space are really dark unless illuminated. A combination of Outdoor Lighting and Landscape Lighting in the surrounding areas will elevate the use of the space outdoors, motivate guests and allow them safe and secure travel to and from the areas outdoors all while enjoying the intake of beautifully illuminated gardens.

The fabulous lifestyle of family members’ interaction indoors can now be portrayed outdoors. The recent move to recreate, converse, entertain and dine outdoors during all hours of the night seems second nature and can be encapsulated in one well-lit Grande outdoor space. This unique area can be multi-functional and pertain in particular to any outdoor dining or celebrating memorable events and need to be lit that way.

Many Outdoor rooms become the connecting hub for friends and family to gather and meet outdoors. Usually adjacent to the backyard setting, pool or patio, the outdoor room is centrally connected and communicated to the main household.

Professional Outdoor Lighting design plays an important role in accomplishing just that at night.