Light defines space and within that space emulates a sense of comfort and usefulness. It is the presence of light at night that allows for a greater level of usability for certain tasks, recreation and purpose. The use of light at night is a tool that reaches into the senses of all us in various mannerisms. Certain expectations of public spaces such as roadways, parking, walkways, entries and public spaces are expected to be lit specifically for its intended use providing safety and security. It is the way in which a professional uses light strategy and its numerous fixture types to reach the paramount of the greatest use of that space at night. Different light levels and strategies balance the cohesion and set the mood for use of the area in appropriately different ways, publicly and privately. All individual areas call for their own level of light priority to match the scope of the use of that property.

For instance a hotel at night without appropriate light would not only be uninviting, very unappealing and not very useful. With the use of light the whole premise can change everything to how to see, feel about, remember and use the property. Outdoor lighting and its resulting benefits of light has become an overwhelmingly desirable essential in the residential sector. The professional outdoor lighting designer has by far superseded the night time scene well beyond the traditional front walkway “runway “ approach to lighting. 

There is so much more to lighting than just from an outdoor point of view. Equally important is the inside perspective looking out also contributing to the perfect night time portrait of ones property

What looks beautiful during the day can actually disappear at night under no light. Interestingly enough, areas bypassed during the day can appear lit most incredibly beautiful at night. There is definitely an art to creating a series of scenes illuminated in cohesion to appeal to many aspects of the human mindset of experiences from total darkness.

Outdoor lighting is the best way to maximize the use of the property while promoting its beauty, safety and security.
Are you considering the benefits of outdoor lighting? Envision this swimming in a pool with no lighting. It’s pitch dark. Sure it is exciting but are you getting the maximum out of the property? Not even close.